Park City Garden Club

The Park City Garden Club was created in May 1988 with a mission that “through garden tours and wildflower walks we plan to educate our members and encourage the enjoyment of gardening.”

We currently have a membership of 50 members.  The club meets at 5:30 PM on the first Tuesday of each month from March through December.  Meetings consist of educational speakers and presentations, garden tours, crafts and projects, special plantings and service projects.   Meetings are generally hosted by individual members at their homes and gardens, and approximately twice each year our club meets in the Salt Lake Valley or surrounding areas for special site tours and field trips, particularly in the spring when cabin fever has set in, we need to see a color other than white, and we all long for the signs of spring:  green grass, leaves, and flowers.

Membership is limited to 50 members due to the capacity of the homes and gardens that host our meetings.  We limit the number of participants to 45 active members and 5 perennial members.  Members are encouraged to bring guests to meetings.  In fact, we ask that new members come as a guest before joining the club.

Each member is required to attend a minimum of 5 meetings per year and to participate in a community service project of a minimum of 2 hours.

In 2016, we completed a penstemon seeding project on Park City Hill.  You can read about it on the Projects page.