The Alternative Garden Club

The Alternative Garden Club was founded in the early 1980's as an "alternative," welcoming place for members of the LGBTQA community.  Today, the club continues to function as a fun social group for LGBTQA persons and their straight allies who are interested in gardening, landscaping, and growing things.

The club typically meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM in the Garden Center at the northeast corner of Sugar House Park.  Topics have ranged from new tomato varieties, to historic landscaping, to chickens and beekeeping.  This year our emphasis will be on special garden tours, and we will not necessarily meet in the Garden Center every month.

Membership in the Alternative Garden Club is $20 per year, but guests are always free to come attend a meeting and see whether they might like to join.  For more information, look for the Alternative Garden Club on Facebook or send an e-mail to

News and Events

Our Calendar for 2022:

May 4  Annual Planning Meeting at the Sugar House Garden Center

May 28  Historic Homes and Gardens Tour at Spring City Heritage Days

June 11  Garden Tour at Elise's and Dan's

July  Garden tour at Lance and Glen's, date TBA

August 13  Pond Tour at Utah Water Garden and Koi Club's Pond Tour