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Our Theme

Each state garden club association chooses a theme for the two-year term that its officers and directors serve.  Our theme for 2015-2017 is “Staying Green While Saving Water.”  This theme reflects the importance of water conservation in a dry state like Utah, but also the importance of water in making our environment more comfortable and beautiful.  The Utah pioneers were proud to “make the desert blossom like a rose,” and it’s not necessary to undo their work and turn our surroundings into a barren moonscape in order to save water.


In keeping with this theme, we invited Stephanie Duer, Salt Lake City’s water conservation manager, to be our speaker at the 2015 Fall Board Meeting and Symposium.  She delivered an enthusiastic presentation and provided us with some surprising facts about water consumption in Utah.  We will be presenting more information on this topic on our website and at our upcoming events in 2016 and 2017.